How Are Robusta Beans Different From Arabica Beans?

Unroasted whole green arabica coffee beans

If you buy roasted coffee beans or whole green coffee beans, you’ll notice two common words on the labels: Arabica and Robusta, these two words refer to the species of coffee the coffee beans are from. And, if you are new to the coffee world, you might be thinking, what does it matter? Isn’t a … Read more

Can Coffee Beans Be Exposed To Light

Coffee beans in mason jar being exposed to direct light

When coffee beans are exposed to light, either from direct sunlight or an artificial source, they will begin to degrade, leaving you with stale beans. Everyone enjoys storing their freshly roasted coffee beans in glass mason jars on the countertop. While they look cool, direct exposure to sunlight or a powerful light source (anything emitting … Read more

Colombian Coffee Beans Vs Brazilian Coffee Beans

Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans being held in farmers hands

Brazil and Colombia share a border, so you might ask yourself, “how different could Colombian coffee beans and Brazillian coffee beans be?” And, the answer is – You’d be surprised! These two neighboring countries fall under the ‘South American’ origin and are two of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. Part of the reason … Read more

How Coffee Beans Are Harvested

Cherry Picker Selective Picking Ripe Coffee Cherries

Before coffee beans become the delicious beverage we all love, the ripe coffee cherries containing the beans need to be harvested from coffee trees. Harvesting occurs once a year (some regions experience two harvests, a main and a second smaller one) when the cherries have gone from green to bright red and glossy. Traditionally coffee … Read more

How Do Coffee Beans Get Different Flavors

Different Flavor Coffee Beans In A Cup

You might find yourself drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning as quick as possible to get that caffeine hit you need. But, have you ever noticed when you drink your coffee more slowly, you can begin to taste subtle hints of different flavors? Like wine, craft beer, and whiskey, coffee has a … Read more