How To Make Cheap Coffee Taste Better

Cheap cup of coffee

The average coffee drinker drinks 3 cups per day. When they begin to budget, coffee is often one of the first items to get cut. Or they’ll purchase cheaper beans only to complain about how bad they taste compared to their usual roast. While not all cheap coffee tastes terrible, more often than not, they … Read more

Is Espresso The Same As Black Coffee?

Shot Of Espresso

Espresso isn’t the same as black coffee although, an espresso shot could be classified as a black coffee, depending on who you ask. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. A widely accepted definition for ‘black coffee’ refers to any type of coffee brewed without any additives such as milk, creamer, or syrup. And some will go … Read more

How To Make Instant Coffee From Roasted Coffee Beans

Instant Coffee Powder In A Cup

I try not to write about instant coffee too much simply because I’m not a big drinker of it. Personally, I find the difference between coffee made with freshly ground coffee beans far superior to store-bought instant coffee. I do see the appeal of instant coffee. It eliminates the need for brewing equipment makes instant … Read more

Can You Burn Instant Coffee With Boiling Water?

A brewed Cup Of Instant Coffee

No, you can’t burn instant coffee. Will it taste slightly different if you pour milk first or use water at a lower temperature? Yes, but this is due to the many compounds within the soluble powder reacting differently. While there are many other theories about this topic, this one is most widely believed. In my … Read more

How To Tell If Coffee Is Rancid?

Rancid Coffee

You will not be able to tell if your coffee is rancid with your eye. Often there are no physical differences. On the rare occasion, there will be a little bit of color loss, but it would be extremely subtle and, you’d have to have a very keen eye to spot it. To detect rancid … Read more