What Is The First Crack In Coffee Roasting?

Coffee Beans At Different Roast Levels

The first crack symbolizes that the coffee beans are approaching edibility, a crucial part of any roast. During the roasting process, a roaster will encounter two cracks, the first being called the first crack and the second, to no surprise, is called the second crack. All light and medium roasts will be roasted between the … Read more

Coffee Roasting Stages

Drum Roaster Roasting Coffee Beans

There is more to roasting coffee than pouring coffee beans into a roaster, tapping a few settings, and allowing the machine to turn them from green to brown. Roasting coffee requires a coffee roaster who is familiar with the different stages of roasting and can accommodate and adjust as the roasting takes place. A coffee … Read more

Can You Roast Coffee Beans In A Skillet?

Roasting Coffee Beans In A Frying Pan

Using a skillet or frying pan is one of the quickest and inexpensive ways to first get into roasting coffee beans at home. After all, who doesn’t have a frying pan? Using a frying pan to roast your coffee beans is no easy feat. It’s one of the more difficult roasting processes to master, and … Read more

Hot Air Roasting vs Drum Roasting Coffee

Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee beans is a complex process. Turning those raw green coffee beans into perfectly darkened coffee beans that can be ground and brewed is more challenging than simply applying heat until they change color. There are two main methods used to roast coffee beans. Drum roasting, which is the older and traditional method, and … Read more

How To Prevent Common Coffee Roasting Defects

Scorched Coffee Beans In A Bowl

Coffee roasters spend countless hours mastering their craft as they all know how crucial the perfect roast is to a coffee lovers’ experience. Roasting coffee beans is a combination of art and science. And, to complicate matters further, it also comes down to personal taste. If you are a home roaster, this complexity shouldn’t scare … Read more